Smart Home

Mission Statement

The mission of River Valley Telecommunications Coop is to provide exceptional customer service that meets and exceeds our customers' ever-increasing advanced technological needs by offering reliable, dependable, high-quality and innovative telecommunications solutions.


We are committed to providing:

  • Effective voice, video and data communication
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Support to our local communities and beyond
  • Peace of mind to the people we serve by developing remarkable communications solutions
  • Efficient, multi-dimensional conveniences to general users in their businesses, farms and homes.

By providing valuable products and services to our clients, our goal is to develop long-term positive and mutually beneficial relationships based on honesty and trust.


Call and schedule an appointment today and...

Let RVTC help you set up all of your devices so you can start enjoying them right away! Just call our office at 712-859-3300 and let us connect you with one of our experts to assist you with all of your devices. Such as a smart TV, tablet, router, Blu-Ray player, Smart home apps like garage door openers, thermostats, door locks and much more! We can also help you with all of your security needs. Free Quotes!! 


Some services we provide are:


Business Solutions:

  • Business Phone Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Commercial Audio

Smart Solutions:

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Farm
  • Smart Care
  • Smart Business

Residential Solutions:

  • Home Theater
  • Whole Home Audio
  • Infrastructure Cabling

Plus additional products and services.


For more information contact:

Shawn Schany


Ph: 712-859-3300

Cell: 712-922-9691