Broadband Internet

High Speed Internet - Current Rates


10MB/1MB $59.95/MONTH
15MB/3MB $74.95/MONTH
20MB/3MB $89.95/MONTH
25MB/3MB $105.95/MONTH
Without an active phone line, a $23.00/monthly Broadband Fee
will be added to the Internet prices.
Business Rates Available!! For Details Call 712-859-3300. 


Internet Contract Options:

6 - Month Contract
  • Free install
  • 1st month fees paid up front
  • Agrees to pay Internet monthly charges for 6 consecutive months.
  • If customer defaults on 6 month contract, there will be a $25 early termination fee.

No Contract

  • $95 install paid up front
  • 1st month fees paid up front
  • Customer does not have to keep service for any specific amount of time.


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